The Story of Baja Jill

When down in Mexico I had so many adventures, some of which were life changing. One of those adventures was domesticating and falling in love with a stray dog. One of the first days that we arrived to a small town on the Baja in Mexico we had seen this skinny black dog in the... Continue Reading →

Botanical Beach

About an hour and a half outside of Victoria on the worst, windiest, stomach turning road covered in potholes and insane drivers you’ll find the absolutely breathtaking Botanical Beach. It’s really important before going to this beach to check the tidal reports as it is an extremely different experience at high tide and low tide.... Continue Reading →

Building a Beach Hot Tub

There’s a beach that we always visit in Mexico that has a natural hot springs. We had heard of people building their own natural hot tubs on the beach and finally decided that we needed to do that too. Most people don’t do it the way that we do it and that’s fine but we... Continue Reading →

Releasing Turtles in Mexico

This year I had the most amazing experience learning about turtles and watching them being safely released in the ocean. It was the highlight of my trip and definitely a high point from my life. The opportunity fell into my lap really, we had been looking into turtle releases leading up to this trip and... Continue Reading →

Zip-Lining with Adrenaline

Zip lining at adrenaline was an experience that Ann bought me for my birthday. It’s a multi-hour excursion through the lush forest within Sooke. I’m going to walk you through our experience there. You show up to this quaint little building off the side of Sooke road which is a high traffic, higher speed road... Continue Reading →

Sheringham Point Lighthouse

Sheringham Point Lighthouse is a really neat historical site located in the quaint town of Shirley on Vancouver Island. It’s a sight to behold, this beautiful lighthouse towering over the crashing waves of the west coast. To get to the Sheringham Lighthouse make sure to NOT follow google maps. These directions will lead you to... Continue Reading →

Horne Lake Free Caves

Horne Lake offers a variety of free and paid opportunities for people who decide to visit. In this post I’ll be talking specifically about the 3 free, self-guided caves that you can enjoy within their park. First things first and that is that you need some specific gear in order to go caving. With the... Continue Reading →

Kayaking the Saanich Inlet

One thing I’ve wanted to for years is kayak within the Saanich Inlet. I’ve hiked a section of Victoria which overlooks this inlet and all I wanted was to be in there cruising around in my little kayak. So one day I told Ann to be ready, didn’t tell her what for, and I picked... Continue Reading →

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