Mount Prevost

This peak was on my list for a long time. It’s the big mound that towers over the town of Duncan and just screams for me to be on top of it. I’m so weak when mountains call to me. I honestly and truly thought that this mountain would have a pretty trash view since... Continue Reading →

Mount Finlayson

This hike is one of the more deceiving hikes as it’s only 3.1 km round trip but with 373 m of elevation gain in that short space you’ll be wheezing – if you’re me. This hike begins at a beautiful stream where the salmon run in the fall and the large trees cascade all around... Continue Reading →

Cumberland China Bowls

The China Bowls are a really neat formation of rocks that is quite beautiful on its own but is absolutely mesmerizing when the creek flows through them. I have been here twice, once in the summer when they were pretty dried up and once in the winter when the water was rushing through them creating... Continue Reading →

Castle Peak

If you’re looking for a long, gloriously scenic, butt-kicking hike then this is the one for you. Get ready to have your mind blown multiple times in a row on this extraordinary adventure. Castle Peak is an in-and-out trail with a loop on the second large section. The loop will take you to multiple scenic... Continue Reading →

Lone Tree Hill

Lone Tree Hill is a super popular hike that you can do in under half an hour blindfolded walking backwards. Every time I do this “hike” (which is just barely allowed to have that word used for it) I see so many people and they all have their dogs (which is great) and I’m so... Continue Reading →

Mount Wells

Mount Wells is another one of those hikes that so many people do and feel super accomplished about climbing a mountain however it’s only 2.6km from the parking lot and there’s only 225m of elevation gain. I think Ann and I accomplished this huge feat in half an hour after doing another “peak” directly before... Continue Reading →

Jocelyn Hill

Jocelyn Hill is a beautiful rolling hike throughout Gowland Todd Park that sports lots of beautiful viewpoints and a multitude of different terrain. There are so many starting points to this peak. I’ve done this hike three times and my favorite starting point is right by Emma Dixon Road. You’ll pull over on the side... Continue Reading →

Mount McDonald

This trail begins on a tiny windy road that follows a creek surrounded by large trees and large rock formations, which is basically the entirety of the trail as well minus following a creek. This is a short hike at 2.3km but it’s a really good one. The elevation gain is 269m so you’ll get... Continue Reading →

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