Indoor Equipment-less Exercises to Prep for Hikes

Right now we are all stuck in our homes for an unforeseeable amount of time and while this can be rather discouraging it is also an excellent time to get yourself prepared for your next big adventure. Hopefully, depending on the state of the world, I will be doing a big hike at some point... Continue Reading →

Planning an Overnight Hike

With everyone staying at home and feeling overwhelmed and negative I think it's a perfect time to dream and plan for future days. If there’s one thing I love it is planning an adventure. The only thing I like more is actually doing my adventures. I’m sure there’s other things I like but in this... Continue Reading →

Favorite Trail Foods

I'm so tired of reading all these posts about trail foods and just seeing mixed nuts and dried fruit. While I'm all for a dried mango or two it's just not something that gets me fired up when I'm on a hike. I'm already out roughing it, can I not have a little luxury when... Continue Reading →

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