Book of the Month; May

For May I’m going to recommend a book that brings you right into nature and adventuring, two things I’m missing detrimentally at the moment. May’s book of the month is “A walk in the woods” by Bill Bryson. This book is a true story about Bill going on the extremely unlikely journey along the Appalachian... Continue Reading →

Book of the Month; April

For the month of April I think we’re in need of a light, happy, funny, springtime novel, so the book of the month is “The Rosie Project” by Graeme Simsion.  The Rosie project is a romantic comedy that follows an autistic man named Don. Don decides that he is tired of wasting his time with... Continue Reading →

Book of the Month; March

March is filled with special days like Saint Patrick’s Day, Earth Day and the first day of spring. The book of March is “The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry” by Rachel Joyce which fits into this month because it's refreshing and made me feel full of life. I took my time with this book as... Continue Reading →

Book of the Month; February

February is typically a month where everyone expects it to start feeling like spring but instead it feels like the depths of winter. So for this month I’ve chosen a book that will make you think about warm summer nights while also having a dark undertone to it – just like February does. February’s book... Continue Reading →

Book of the Month; January

Happy New Year! January is a month of new goals and motivation. We’ve been in this winter slump and it is time for some drive to get into action! The book choice for this month is awe-inspiring and motivating to say the least. This book is the true words written by Gabriel Filippi that will... Continue Reading →

Book of the Month; December

For December you need a book that's going to help you settle in for the long cozy winter when the rain won't stop pouring and the days become incredibly short. For December my book choice is "The Power" by Naomi Alderman. This book is exceptional for anyone to read but I think while it's empowering... Continue Reading →

Book of the Month; November

Happy November everyone! It’s that time again! This month I have quite the book for you! November is a month to settle down and cozy in for the winter so what better to read than a tear-jerking historical fiction novel that brings you ALL the feels. “All The Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr... Continue Reading →

Book of the Month; October

Along with hiking I am an avid reader sometimes getting so sucked into my reading that I have a hard time doing anything else. Books are the one thing I bring basically everywhere and therefore I feel the need to share which ones are my absolute favorite. Sometimes you walk into a book store or... Continue Reading →

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