Book of the Month; April

For the month of April I think we’re in need of a light, happy, funny, springtime novel, so the book of the month is “The Rosie Project” by Graeme Simsion.

 The Rosie project is a romantic comedy that follows an autistic man named Don. Don decides that he is tired of wasting his time with women who he eventually finds flaws in so he creates an extremely detailed and personal questionnaire to try to acquire the perfect woman. The questions are outrageously specific and sometimes personal and he will not waver from this scientific experiment of his, often causing uncomfortably hilarious situations. When a woman named Rosie comes into his life and needs his help he reluctantly agrees while knowing that she does not check the boxes on his ideal woman. Following their story is sure to make you laugh out loud. This book is really fun and awkwardly romantic and definitely one of my favorite books.

This book is unique as our main character isn’t relatable for everyone as he does have autism. Sometimes his thought process is quite intense and he becomes very set in his ways and stubborn. You can see options for him but he can’t take those options because he’s set on his firm path. It is really interesting insight into what it must be like to live with autism, and if you don’t have anyone in your life effected by it you can definitely get a good idea of it. I’m not saying this is a perfectly accurate representation of autism, however, it is a taste of it that people can comprehend as they read.

As I previously said, this book is romantic but not always the way you expect it to be. It’s hilarious and has some great laugh out loud moments and it’s the perfect light reading for anyone. I finished this book within a few days as it was so good I couldn’t put it down long enough to savor it.

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