First Things First.

As I’m planning on sharing a very special place with you, nature, I want to get this out of the way first. There is an etiquette to going out and hiking that many people unfortunately do not follow. If you’re out there and enjoying the beauty that this island has to offer you then you need to understand that it’s paramount that you treat it with respect. You want to leave this trail better than when you came if possible, so here are my very strict rules about going out and hiking that I abide by.

  1. DO NOT LITTER. I am constantly disappointed and infuriated by the amount of garbage that I see on the trails, or places that I see garbage. If I’m hiking for hours and hours away from civilization and then stumble across an empty beer can or some plastic you have to know I’m livid. It’s entirely unfair to fellow hikers as well as wildlife and the earth as a whole to treat it like your personal trash can. Make sure that you have a pack out system in place for your garbage (if it’s messy garbage maybe bring a little ziplock to put it in etc.) so you’re not leaving anything behind.
  2. On the same note, pick up any garbage you do see. I like to bring an extra bag with me for garbage. While I’m not going to be hauling out large pieces (which I have seen things like large hunks of piping) I will be taking most things out of there. If you’re concerned about touching things then perhaps bring some gloves or even an extra plastic bag to do the ‘dog poop’ scoop. It make a huge difference and keeps these trails pristine which they should be anyways.
  3. Keep away from the wildlife. What I mean by this isn’t that you should avoid all wildlife, but basically don’t trample all over plants, don’t kick them over or what not. Only bushwhack when really necessary. Leave the trail for others to enjoy. It’s super annoying to come up on a space that probably was beautiful but someone’s stomped on all the mushrooms or pushed over a tree or something to that effect.

That’s basically it. Have some respect for the area around you and keep it pristine. It’s not only illegal to litter but it’s rude and only dick faces do it, so try not to be a dick face when you go hiking. Thank you!

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