First Things First.

As I'm planning on sharing a very special place with you, nature, I want to get this out of the way first. There is an etiquette to going out and hiking that many people unfortunately do not follow. If you're out there and enjoying the beauty that this island has to offer you then you... Continue Reading →

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Jocelyn Hill

Jocelyn Hill is a beautiful rolling hike throughout Gowland Todd Park that sports lots of beautiful viewpoints and a multitude of different terrain. There are so many starting points to this peak. I’ve done this hike three times and my favorite starting point is right by Emma Dixon Road. You’ll pull over on the side... Continue Reading →

Mount McDonald

This trail begins on a tiny windy road that follows a creek surrounded by large trees and large rock formations, which is basically the entirety of the trail as well minus following a creek. This is a short hike at 2.3km but it’s a really good one. The elevation gain is 269m so you’ll get... Continue Reading →

Book of the Month; February

February is typically a month where everyone expects it to start feeling like spring but instead it feels like the depths of winter. So for this month I’ve chosen a book that will make you think about warm summer nights while also having a dark undertone to it – just like February does. February’s book... Continue Reading →

Building a Beach Hot Tub

There’s a beach that we always visit in Mexico that has a natural hot springs. We had heard of people building their own natural hot tubs on the beach and finally decided that we needed to do that too. Most people don’t do it the way that we do it and that’s fine but we... Continue Reading →

Releasing Turtles in Mexico

This year I had the most amazing experience learning about turtles and watching them being safely released in the ocean. It was the highlight of my trip and definitely a high point from my life. The opportunity fell into my lap really, we had been looking into turtle releases leading up to this trip and... Continue Reading →

Favorite Trail Foods

I'm so tired of reading all these posts about trail foods and just seeing mixed nuts and dried fruit. While I'm all for a dried mango or two it's just not something that gets me fired up when I'm on a hike. I'm already out roughing it, can I not have a little luxury when... Continue Reading →

Book of the Month; January

Happy New Year! January is a month of new goals and motivation. We’ve been in this winter slump and it is time for some drive to get into action! The book choice for this month is awe-inspiring and motivating to say the least. This book is the true words written by Gabriel Filippi that will... Continue Reading →

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